Ability to work with AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Pro-E and other file formats

  • In-house design for manufacture
  • Concept, component and assembly design
  • Lighting design and simulation capability using LightTools
  • Ray tracing capability using ASAP lighting software
  • Rheological Mold Flow analysis
  • In-house prototype and production tooling design
  • In-house hot-stamping and assembly automation design

The Design department supports the up-front development of products from concept to final product. Using a variety of software packages, our staff is able to work with initial concept models to integrate our expertise on a number of levels. With an eye toward design for manufacture and assembly, our experienced staff integrates key lighting, decoration and assembly features into all products.

In addition to supporting conceptual product design requirements, our design capabilities include prototype and production molds, low to high volume automated production systems/solutions as well as many secondary process fixtures. This in-house expertise assists with reducing overall product cost to our customer while improving time to market.