COVID-19 Fraen Face Shield Information

Facilities and Equipment


  • 324 New Boston St Woburn, MA
  • 200 Natalie Boulevard Loudon, TN

Machining Centers

  • (250+) Escomatics
    • D9 9MM(.350”) maximum diameter capability
    • D6 6MM(.250”) maximum diameter capability
    • D2 2MM(.087”) maximum diameter capability
  • (42) Swiss-Style CNC’s w/Auto Magazine loaders
    • With 32MM (1.375”) maximum diameter capability
    • With 25MM (1.000”) maximum diameter capability
    • With 20MM (.750”) maximum diameter capability
    • With 16MM (.625”) maximum diameter capability
    • With 12MM (.500”) maximum diameter capability
  • (2) CNC Controlled Chuckers
    • With 60MM(2.250”) maximum diameter capability
  • (3) Takashima Chopping Machines
    • With 3MM(.118”) maximum diameter capability
  • (1)Macor CNC Cam Cutter
    • In-House cam design and cutting

Quality Control Equipment

  • CMM
  • Tessa Scanners
  • Optical Comparators
  • Hardness Tester
  • Microscopes
  • Surface Finish Proflometers
  • Height Gages
  • Calibration System
  • Universal Concentricity Gaging
  • Mahr Gaging

Plant Equipment

  • Pero Vacuum Vapor Degreasing System
  • Fully programmable and automatic loading for custom cleaning
  • Ultrasonic’s, rotation, and drying capability.
  • Sonicor Ultrasonic Aqueous Cleaning Systems
  • McKenzie Chip Separators
  • Barrett Chip Spinners and Centrifuges
  • Guyson Sandblasting Machines
  • Various Rotary Tumbling Machines
  • Timesaver Tumblers
  • Seeko Vibratory Tumbling
  • Samsco Evaporating System.

NOTICE: As part of the United States' Critical Infrastructure supply chain, Fraen is committed to making every effort to continue its manufacturing operations during the current COVID-19 crisis. We have enacted numerous procedures to protect our employees based on recommended guidelines, and are in constant communication with our customers and suppliers. If you have a question about Fraen's current activities or plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.