COVID-19 Fraen Face Shield Information

Innovation and Engineering

Fraen Machining distinguishes itself by providing innovative turned component manufacturing solutions for a variety of industries. We are often brought into a customer’s design phase of a component, so that we can provide advice on how a component can be better designed for optimal manufacturability – removing up to 30-50% of cost, and increasing the precision and speed of the manufacturing process. For large projects, we have provided customers with extensive process development services. We offer the advantage having R&D and manufacturing under one roof and working on the same equipment seamlessly together, which allows us to continually improve our performance and add value for our customers.


Over the years, we have developed unique multi-stage fabrication processes for some of the leading companies in the defense, automotive, and computer hardware industries, leading to projects producing up to 20 million components per year with automated inspection and 0 ppm defect rates. We provide advice on material usage and sourcing, and are able to manage the entire supply chain, fabrication and testing, freeing our customers of additional management duties.

NOTICE: As part of the United States' Critical Infrastructure supply chain, Fraen is committed to making every effort to continue its manufacturing operations during the current COVID-19 crisis. We have enacted numerous procedures to protect our employees based on recommended guidelines, and are in constant communication with our customers and suppliers. If you have a question about Fraen's current activities or plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.