Who We Are

Fraen Machining Corporation (FMC) is an industry leader and one of the world’s largest precision machined components contract manufacturers. Our 300+ Swiss Style Escomatic and CNC machines give us the ability to meet the demands of OEMs requiring high volume, micro manufacturing. Our priority is to limit machine and operation time and provide our customers with faster turnarounds and reduced costs.  CNC Swiss Machining

A commitment to continuous improvement, quality control, and expanded capabilities gives us the unique ability to provide a full range of services to our customers at any point in the production process. Leaders in the automotive, defense, medical and consumer markets turn to FMC for in house project management, engineering, design for manufacturing, testing, R&D low volume prototyping or high volume (millions) dedicated custom manufacturing processes. They know they can rely on FMC anytime during their production process, from concept through design and into final production.

Over 80 years of combined experience has given us a unique understanding of the marketplace. Our business has evolved alongside our customers and we have expanded our capabilities to continuously exceed their expectations. Contact us to learn how Fraen Machining Corporation (FMC) can benefit your production requirements.  CNC Swiss Machining