Below you will find a timeline explaining the progress FRAEN has made with FLUOLED technology over the past decade.


Fraen’s approach to LED fluorescence microscopy goes back to 2002, with the replacement of conventional short-arc lamps with high power LEDs in fluorescence microscopy as well as in flow cytometry. Efficiency tests performed on a conventional epi-fluorescence microscope as well as on arc-lamp based flow cytometers showed the way.


2003: the positive results of laboratory tests encouraged the construction of the first prototype: a portable, battery-operated fluorescence microscope based on Fraen’s LED technology.


End of 2004 increasing market demands opened the way to a unique, proprietary illumination system with high power solid-state light sources available as an add-on kit for existing scopes. The requirements were:

• A very high illumination intensity to be used on small microscopes
• Best possible signal-to-noise-ratio when using basic objectives found on field microscopes
• A fluorescence system easy to assemble and dismantle – the portable fluorescence microscope for remote locations
• A solution to frequent power failures

So we developed a system based on transmitted light fluorescence excitation based on LED technology, very well suited for wide field fluorescence applications: FLUOLED was born.


In 2006 FLUOLED was validated as a reliable and useful tool in assessment of Auramine O stained Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A partnership with the worldwide leading  microscope company was established.


2008-2011: FLUOLED became the registered brand of a product family, reaching from the well-known transmitted light fluorescence system to reflected light fluorescence illuminators with filter wheel technology and multicolor capability.


In 2012 Fraen developed a unit for TB microscopy (tuberculosis). FLUOLED® TB-SCOPE has fully integrated LED illuminations for both fluorescence and white light, allowing Auramine O and Ziehl-Neelsen microscopy in one unique microscope


Following the success of the filter wheel systems, beginning of 2013 FLUOLED® 2CFW was launched. Thanks to the compact design and the accurate definition of features, this convenently priced illuminator for one and two color fluorescence represents the perfect system for routine fluorescence microscopy.