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To assist with the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fraen Corporation has dedicated a portion of its engineering and manufacturing capabilities to manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare providers, first responders, and other essential personnel needing PPE on the job.  Collaborating with the University of Massachusetts and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Fraen has optimized a face shield design that is one of the more robust, stable and comfortable on the market.

dr shieldOur Made in the USA face shields are currently being used by personnel in the federal government, several New England hospitals, and local first responders throughout Massachusetts.

We are also proud to say that businesses across the country are using the Fraen face shield!

If you have any questions or are interested in placing an order for our face shields, please contact us at:

Fraen Face Shield

Fraen’s PPE face shields are being made and sold pursuant to the FDA’s recent Emergency Use Authorization for personal protective equipment, and complies with all requirements therein.  Below is a link to the FDA’s letter of April 13, 2020 outlining the EUA face shield requirements:

FDA EUA Face Shields PPE Document

Fraen Face Shield

Fraen’s face shield design meets the ANSI/ISEA Z.87.1-2010 standard for splash and droplet protection.

Key Benefits:

Full Face CoverageRugged Design
CleanableMulti-Use Option
Unobstructed / Clear VisionMade in the USA
Lower Cost per ExposureCovers other PPE (i.e. face masks, goggles, etc.)
Anti-fog Shields AvailableHard Hat Compatibility Available

Summary of Face Shield Kits Available and their Data Sheets:

NameThumbnailSpecial AttributesPart #Data Sheet
240240 Perspective - Top downStandardFRV-RC2-PE-240
240 Anti-Fog240 Perspective - Bottom UpAnti-Fog, Hard Hat CompatibleFRV-RC2-PE1-240
240WFS 240W Side ViewWideFRV-RC2-PE-240W
240W Anti-FogFS 240W Side ViewAnti-Fog, WideFRV-RC2-PE1-240W
197WH Anti-Fog Anti-Fog, Wide, Hard Hat CompatibleFRV-RC2-PE1-197WH
197W Anti-Fog Anti-Fog, Wide, Foam InsertFRV-RC2-PE1-197W