street lights

extralight 4Fraen designed one of the first LED streetlights offered to the market, well over a decade ago. As LED performance has changed and improved, Fraen has refined and optimized its streetlight optical solutions for use in virtually any outdoor area lighting situation, including Type I, II, III, and IV.       Street Light.


streetlight pic 5Fraen has a number of high performance streetlight optics in its standard part catalog, but what sets Fraen apart from other optics companies is our enthusiasm to engage with our customers on designing or optimizing custom optical solutions to meet the specifications of their particular products.      Street Light Optics.



streetlight pic 4Whether you are designing a new streetlight fixture from scratch, need improved performance in your existing products, or have a make to print design you need manufactured, Fraen has the expertise and resources to give you the optimal performance from your streetlights.       Street Lights