Automated Assembly & Inspection

Fraen Corporation’s assembly operations are equipped with a variety of over forty in-house custom designed production systems capable of cost effectively and efficiently handling volumes from as low as 100 parts to multi-million higher volume part requirements. Our modular cells fully integrate the innovation of our experienced team with the latest robots and vision systems allowing us to optimize quality while simultaneously reducing the capital investment requirements to our customers.   In addition to the modular cells, we house many more custom designed and built dedicated cells focused on long duration high volume projects.

Our technical team and engineers have extensive experience with successfully supporting the critical upfront development and optimization of the sub-assemblies we produce for our customers.

  • In-house tooling design, engineering, fabrication and manufacturing support
  • Automated equipment utilizing flex fed components with robotic assembly
  • Part presence and orientation qualification stations
  • Automated lit condition vision inspection equipment
  • Complete in-house system development and integration
  • Certified automotive assembly and sub-assembly supplier