Escomatic Machining

Fraen Machining Corporation Escomatic Machining

With over 250 Escomatic Machines, Fraen Machining boasts one of the largest capacities of Escomatic machines in the world. Supported by a team of Escomatic factory trained master machinists with total in-house capabilities that include engineering for cam and tool design, CNC cam cutting, tool grinding, and and ancillary tooling. Fraen Machining is the industry leading source of Escomatic machining.

Competitive Advantages

The unique design of the Escomatic machine, coupled with Fraen Machining’s expertise with Escomatics, offers a significant competitive advantage that exceed the capabilities of newer CNC Swiss style automatic lathes and our overall competition.

Unlike conventional production machines, the raw material does not rotate in the Escomatic machining process, which increases efficiency and performance compared to bar-fed operations, especially for small diameter and shaped wire. The Escomatic provides the versatility to efficiently and economically machine parts with complex geometries from a wide range of materials. Our Escomatic machines are equipped with attachments that can complete drilling, tapping, milling, and broaching operations.

Our company prides itself on our ability to exceed our customers’ supply needs in terms of price, quality, and delivery.

Process Capabilities

  • Swiss machining concept that achieves demanding tolerance and finish requirements
  • In-house capabilities allow for expedited setup to production in less than 4 hours.
  • Capable of producing parts ranging from .500mm to 9mm in diameter
  • Handle production requirements ranging from low volume prototype to annual volumes in the millions
  • 24 x 7 production with expected productivity index of 90%
  • Design for manufacturability to offer customers most economical production solutions