Custom Optics

We have successfully delivered to industry leading Lighting OEMs, innovative optical solutions, which has allowed them to capture market share. As LED technology evolves, we continue to invent optical solutions that offer our customers technology not available anywhere else in the world.

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Fraen specializes in the design of optics for LED lighting, including: TIR collimators, reflectors, lightpipes, free-form optics, and complex color-mixing adjustable-beam systems. Fraen optical designers use ASAP, LightTools, Zemax, SolidWorks, PTC Creo (Pro/E), Rhino and others to design and simulate imaging and non-imaging components and systems. Designs are realized via in-house tooling, measurement, and injection molding capabilities. A vast library of standard and custom optical designs and over 15 years of LED optic experience facilitate quick and accurate designs, and a variety of prototyping methods and materials enable prompt affordable optics for testing, validation, and demonstration prior to production. Fraen’s Engineers continuously design and  develop innovative optical solutions, yielding a wide variety of intellectual property.

Banner photo courtesy Robe lighting s.r.o.

Architectural Lighting

Applications such as Facades, Wall Washing, landscaping which require narrow and elliptical beam optical solutions for both discrete and multi-chip LED packages.  Solutions can range from individual optics to multi-up lens arrays

Entertainment Lighting

Applications which require excellent color mixing with either fixed beam or zoom optics for multi-chip LED packages.  Solutions range from individual color mixing TIRs to innovative mixing rod/lens combinations

Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Applications which require directional optics from either discrete R/B/A LEDs or Multi-chip LED packages.  Solutions range from linear Lens arrays to innovative hybrid reflector solutions.

High-Bay Lighting

Applications which require efficient optics for High-Bay and Low-Bay Luminaires for Commercial and Industrial applications.  Solutions range from Silicone Lenses for COB to Linear lenses for Industrial Lighting applications.

Interior/Exterior Lighting

Applications which require the full family of beam profiles for fixtures such as MR and PAR lamps along with downlight and task lights.  Solutions range from lens arrays to large optical solutions for COBs.  Includes custom versions of Fraen’s Multi-TIR Lens technology.

Roadway Lighting

Optics designed specifically to meet the both IESNA and MEx roadway specifications.  Solutions rage from individual bubble optics to large arrays of lenses to hybrid lens/reflector technology for reduced GLARE applications.