Fraen’s Decoration department processes well over 40,000,000 components annually. Using a wide variety of hot stamp foil types and paints, Fraen is able to support virtually any styling or color profile required.

Hot Stamping:

Using a combination of semi-automated rotary tables and sophisticated, repetitive process multi-layer stamping equipment, Fraen is able to support programs ranging from the smallest prototype to the highest multi-million part production requirements. Our Design department works hand-in-hand with our Molding and Deco Department to target designs for in-mold hot stamping. This cutting edge technique eliminates downstream operations resulting in reduced manufacturing costs.

  • In-mold and conventional post-mold hot stamping of components
  • Chrome/metallic hot stamping capability
  • Multi-layer semi-automated hot-stamping
  • Outsourced management of chrome plating operations


Highlighting Fraen Corporation’s decorating portfolio is a high volume capable production Painting Department. Utilizing top of the line equipment, Fraen’s Painting and Masking personnel are able to produce repeatable, automotive quality results on water-base, solvent-base and base coat/clear coat materials. From large, single application, parts, to partially masked small components, to multi-stage assemblies, Fraen has all of your painting needs covered.

  • 4 paint booths
  • Automated curing oven
  • Prototype, low and high volume production capabilities
  • In-house design and build of masks, plugs and fixtures
  • Paint process application development – Custom or build to print
  • ISO14001/TS16949 systems in place