Injection Molding

The Fraen Injection Molding Department is a three shift operation that produces more than 125 million components annually across multiple markets inclusive of high power LED lighting, automotive, marine, electronic and medical applications. Our valued mold technicians and plastic engineers consistently excel with developing optimized processes in support of high quality, precision injection mold components with an emphasis on part performance.

Our 30+ injection molding machines range from 28 to 230 tons of clamp force with shot sizes from 0.7 to 13.23 ounces.   Our capabilities range from single cavity prototype molds to multi-cavity hardened steel production tooling. We have a series of fully automated molding cells incorporating the use of robots in support of all de-gating & part handling requirements helping to ensure the highest product quality.

  • More than 120 Million components produced annually
  • In-house mold design, mold manufacture and engineering
  • 30+ Injection mold machines
  • Horizontal injection from 28 to 230 tons of clamping force
  • Shot size from 0.7 to 13.23 ounces
  • Conventional and hot runner systems
  • Automatic part retrieval and sprue picking
  • Automated Laser de-gating
  • Insert Molding capability
  • Prototype through production manufacturing support

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