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Fraen’s Color-Mixing Zoom System Wins LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award for Best Enabling Technology

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WINNERS: Sapphire Awards Gala spotlights evolving SSL trends

SSL Enabling Technologies Winner:  Fraen Corporation

None of the lighting end products our judges evaluated would be possible without the foundation of SSL enabling technologies such as thermal and packaging materials, optics and lenses, and interconnect. What made Fraen’s color-mixing system stand out was its adjustable-angle output zoom for color-tunable lighting applications — it makes for an incredibly flexible tool in a popular application. The system uses a fully-optimized mixing rod with a textured microlens exit surface to blend the light output, and a color-corrected achromatic doublet projection lens to project the variable beam; it can also deliver tunable-white light. Fraen has been recognized for optical innovation, having won a Sapphire Award last year for its multi-total-internal-reflection (TIR) nested lens. The beam can transition from a flood up to 80° to a narrow spot of 4° while maintaining color uniformity in entertainment, architectural, and general lighting applications.

Sapphire Awards: Fraen FXCM-5D-47B color-mixing optical zoom system.

Fraen FXCM-5D-47B color-mixing optical zoom system   Learn More

The Fraen team at the Sapphire Awards Gala