COVID-19 Fraen Face Shield Information


Fraen Corporation is not currently accepting new orders for its microscopy products. 

For additional information please contact:

Email: opticsales@fraen.com


Country Distributor
Belgium Biomedical Diagnostics
Belorussia Intergen Ltd
France Laboratoires Eurobio
Israel Eldan Electronic Instruments co.ltd
Japan Bay bioscience
Kazakhstan Intergen Ltd
Kenya Crown Healthcare Limited
Latin America Laboamerica
for LABOMED microscopes
Moldova Intergen Ltd
Russia Intergen Ltd
South Africa Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment(Pty) Ltd
Switzerland RUWAG Handels AG
for IFA applications (autoimmune diagnostics)
Tanzania Crown Healthcare Limited
Thailand Pulse Science Co. Ltd.
Turkey Incekaralar A. S.
Uganda Crown Healthcare Limited
UK Cambridge Life Sciences Ltd
Ukraine Intergen Ltd
USA (New England) Remboston (E-Mail contact)

NOTICE: As part of the United States' Critical Infrastructure supply chain, Fraen is committed to making every effort to continue its manufacturing operations during the current COVID-19 crisis. We have enacted numerous procedures to protect our employees based on recommended guidelines, and are in constant communication with our customers and suppliers. If you have a question about Fraen's current activities or plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.