High efficiency illuminator for transmitted light fluorescence

  • High efficiency with standard objectives: no need for dedicated fluorescence lenses.
  • Fits on existing bright field microscopes: no need for reflected light illuminator.
  • Good price/performance ratio.

FLUOLED for transmitted light fluorescence

FLUOLED® Easy on Olympus CX41 microscope

FLUOLED® Easy is an optical solution for fluorescence microscopy on transparent samples consisting of a unique, proprietary illumination system with a high power solid-state (LED) source replacing mercury and xenon arc-lamps found in reflected light microscopy.

The fluorescence light source is used in transmission mode.

FLUOLED® Easy is designed to attach to a standard bright field microscope, where halogen white light function remains intact; this means transmitted light observation is possible without major changes in the optical configuration.

FLUOLED® Easy is ideal for those applications on transparent samples where low to medium power lenses are used and cost savings on optics are important.

Application examples:

  • IFA (Immunofluorescence Assays- autoimmune diagnostics)
  • Bacteriology (Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Cryptosporidium, Trychinella spyralis)
  • Education

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